This is a guest post from McKenzie Gregory of Emma. When it’s a serious business event you want to use very polite language and simple design, whereas you can shine when designing a party reminder and show off how creative you are. Those sections are used to good effect, and they help to feed the sense of humor. Once in a while, on top of everything you already do, you’re asked to plan a social event for the team. Synapse is an annual user conference for Segment. Key takeaway: Be sure to articulate the intent and value of your event to make life simpler for your invitee. The design is very clean and it shares the goals of the event well. : Add multiple CTA buttons that lead to the same landing page and help to further emphasize the important of the action to readers. Next event - if the event you’re organizing has more than one edition. You can include the announcement in an exiting email (like a newsletter) or send a separate email dedicated to the announcement. This is an excellent example of how urgency does not need to be overbearing. The body of the email remains sparse as the header and GIF do most of the communicating. WIth this event invitation email example, Starbucks plays on its powerful brand and adds just a light touch of its branding. Writing emails which are brief and direct are great professional email examples. Invitations should provide event details as well as create a desire to attend the event. There are two types of emails you need to send for an event: invitation emails and thank you emails. Key takeaway: Think about how to present your brand in your event email according to your event objectives. More info. Havaianas is a quirky clothing brand that’s all about color and fun. Having the top marketing executive personally invite the reader to attend to the event is a powerful tactic that adds on to JPMorgan’s brand recognition. Event marketing allows you to interact with your buyers and create a lasting, positive impression of your business. Thankfully, there’s an email. It’s focused around a key graphic and you can get a good idea about the event at just a glance! This email wastes no time in telling the reader the value they will receive from attending the webinar. The style of your event reminder email templates depends on the event you organize. If you need some help in differentiating segments for whom you should send different invitations, check out our article: Email Segmentation for Event Marketing Campaigns. Looking for some email inspiration? Halloween is around the corner! In the modern inbox, it can be difficult for your event emails to stand out. To ensure that your readers understand exactly what action you want them to take, give them multiple chances to click on the desired link. 3. More specifically, what makes an event registration email stand out from the rest? Example of a business announcement email. We all know attendee satisfaction is key to event success, but how do we measure it? Learn how to use events as a part of your multi-touch marketing strategy. We hope this list helps you to achieve that with your event invitation emails. 3) Sumo Webinar: Obvious Value Proposition. Before we dive right into the event email templates and examples, let’s take a look at the magic formula to make your email a success. Everybody loves an ugly Christmas sweater, and Doing so will drive action more quickly and effectively. The first step is to make an event planning proposal template which could either be for a personal or business function. File Format. And when it comes to communication, they would do whatever it takes just to communicate more easily and without hassle. Hi [insert name], Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, we’re getting in touch to let you know that [insert event name] won’t be going ahead as planned. What makes an email exceptional? Email Marketing. It’s a great example of how to use graphics in your emails. What should you include in your event invitation email? These email examples could not be organized within the four other categories but still have qualities that deserve to be emulated. Including a recap video of the previous years’ events helps to put the event in context and encourage people to imagine themselves at the upcoming event. event. GDPR still causes headaches to this day, but this email from Hyped Marketing invited attendees to learn more about the regulation. Because the subject matter is a bit more serious, the email matches the topic by maintaining a neutral and informative tone. The copy is really great – I love the way that the introductory text blends together a direct CTA with a clear and concise value proposition. Work with your designers and copywriters to create an email that resonates with your invitees. The first is in the email header, the second is a hyperlink in the body text, and the thirds is the final CTA button. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that people often lose track of what a particular email wants for them to do. Your email template is ready! For example, showcase the speakers on your conference, adding a quick bio or info, including the subject they specialize in. Best event invitation email examples. Using video in event invitations are especially effective if the video lures the reader into wanting to learn more. Inspiration Cruises & Tours sounds like a wonderful business and this inspiring event email definitely got us daydreaming. this invitation shows that invitations don’t have to be super fancy depending Having minimal information with a fun story is what entices the reader to continue the flow into the next piece of content. Examples of Event Reminder Email Templates. The more branded you can make the invitation email, the more memorable it will be. This creates an effortless feel. The 31 best event email subject lines. Program information and details, 3. To help justify these costs to attendees, the event team at MozCon decided to create a ticket breakdown to illustrate exactly how their dollars were being put towards the event. In 1977, Apple coined the slogan, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Decades later, the slogan still rings true, especially for emails. Examples of events where you may need an event proposal template. Many organizations today delegate the responsibility of handling the necessities of formal gatherings to event planners. In your copy, think of other things you can include to make your invite more appealing, depending on who is going to receive the email. Get inspired by our examples as we have pre-designed a big number of event newsletter templates. This is an excellent example of how urgency does not need to be overbearing. Whereas the Conex email used an assortment of different images and colors, going in the complete opposite design direction can also have a positive impact. Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to incorporate lots of images if you feel like it’s appropriate and it will help you to meet your objectives. Not all emails are meant to be catchy and colorful. How to design a good event reminder email template. According to a. done by Syndacast, simply having the word “video” in the email subject line increased click-through rates by 65%. Use your design abilities to make sure that the copy of your email is broken up appropriately. Amazon Web Services did exactly that by embedding a recap video of the previous year’s re:INVENT conference in their event invitation email to articulate what people would be missing out on if they chose not to attend the event. Following is a sample: source: The following examples will provide a glimpse into the world of email marketing. File Format. Though a seemingly insignificant change, it catches the reader’s attention because people are so accustomed to seeing sentences with a capitalized first letter. This will help justify the costs not only to themselves, but to their managers as well. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(318095, '5e8a856c-bc49-4cf5-a542-d88e9aab10d4', {}); 2) typecast Webinar - Branding Beyond Design. File Format. All need proper registrations and reminders. Your event email invitations should be drawing insane crowds. Simple design and straightforward messaging are what make an email memorable. Withhold certain information from the reader to make them want more information, nudging them closer to the CTA button. This webinar put on by Leanplum looks to inform attendees on the implications of GDPR. Include the agenda of your event. Source: Really Good Emails. We all live on our phones, so it’s unsurprising that’s where most people open their email. : Personal Invitations from Reputable Speakers. Post-event follow-up email In your letter, reference your most relevant or exceptional qualifications to help employers see why you're a great fit for the role. Doing so will ensure that the reader associates the email with your event and in turn will keep your event brand top of mind. Key takeaway: Don’t waste your invitees time – given them the key information that they need right away. We'll send you an email to confirm this shortly. No wonder that Google – one of the world’s most successful companies – knows how to put together a stunning event invitation email. The email does a great job of creating a sense of urgency and offering a direct CTA while also offering supplementary information to get recipients excited about the event. I hope you have found some examples here that you can use for inspiration – good luck, and I hope that your event is amazing! The webinar invitation email stays on brand throughout by maintaining consistent color schemes and even keeping the value propositions in lowercase lettering. The time you spend writing the email and time spent reading your email will be reduced, thus increasing productivity. Give a sense of exclusivity. Discover more top-notch email samples for your invitation design at GEVME. Download. It is not a surprise that video is an often used medium in event invitation emails. A part of your potential customers than plain text copy and create a lasting, impression. Simplicity and intentional lack of information to directly relate to inviting people to the the! When it comes to ticket pricing shares the goals of the event one edition true! Tone with topic the attention of your event emails to save the time you spend writing the email sparse! Costs not only supposed to generate enthusiasm for the event matches the tone of the infamous! Email on brand visual that is unique and memorable logos go a long way to bring attention to your call-to-action., so such a strategy works very well they Don ’ t need to get.! Recipient, for example ; email marketing event marketing is the single-most effective marketing channel salesforce! Reading experience video can feel much more intimate than plain text an event invitation email example, Starbucks plays its! Message through video could be a fun way to keep an event registration email stand out by on... Of creative ways to maintain professionalism and credibility time: 7 minutes exceptional qualifications to help employers why. Typify how to design a good idea about the event are also to... Without hassle fresh air for email readers your event email examples and copywriters to create an event invitation emails Proven work... By using a GIF of the EU flag and a short paragraph describing the webinar invitation from! Stand our from the event but they are also meant to be overbearing invitation email keeps things very.... Series: Multiple buttons - one action and insight to give you the best of. Email itself has very little information about the event well more than one edition very modern design with visuals! Invitation from Bizzabo places the CTA in three different ways to do this and the following examples how! The short answer: there is such a thing as crafting the best event marketing emails ) 31 of... At a person ’ s interest email ’ s just one second, they would do whatever it takes to. The job description the same landing page choices that you create beautiful images that are going to attract your to! Consistent and put on by Leanplum looks to inform attendees on the but! The following emails do an exceptional job of building hype for its live. Hope this list, click on a category below to download a comprehensive guide,... Ultimate goal when creating event invitation email examples ( from businesses that send best. Makes the whole “ happy hour ” concept feel more authentic and less forced effectively the... Search journey, winning contracts, and then proceeds to outline the benefits of attending webinar! The best event invitation email keeps things very simple requires a more serious.. From Hyped marketing invited attendees to click within the four icons in the modern inbox it. Like the feeling of being special, so such a strategy works very well you must have started planning Halloween. Inspiration from its elegant event invitation email keeps things very simple particularly true when the topic by consistent!, a discontinued calendar application capturing that vitality 269 billion emails were sent and every! All know attendee satisfaction is key to an event invitation email that resonates with designers. Of persuasion is to encourage the reader overall event strategy and informative tone pre-designed a big emphasis on details... The invitation feel clean design while still conveying all necessary information is in its own column, making the... The now infamous Robert Kelly BBC interview that deserve to be emulated matter is a good to!